Attended Germany’s biggest convention for the very first time. Also it was the very first time I cosplayed Pitch there. And I MET AN AWESOME KOZMOTIS AND EMILY JANE! No regrets. None.

Also met my dear fanartdrawer there. I hope we’ll get the chance to meet again, and maybe talk some more <3 

And someone shooted me for a cosplay-calendar. I am curious if they’ll take pictures of me in there. Awesome convention was awesome. And I met the kindest people, it gave me back my faith in cosplaying. <3

I made a decision.

I wanted to upload this on Munday but I don’t see the point in holding this back.

The concept of this blog will from now on be this: I upload whenever I want. I film whenever I want. I am too sick of this blog to keep it up regularily.

No one cares about effort. No one cares about time consuming tasks. I am the only one caring. So I finally made up my mind: I have to stop caring.

You can still send in asks if you feel like it. And I will answer them if I feel like it. I am sorry for the people who sent me in asks ages ago, but this is just how it is. The feedback lately was so poor that it crushed my self-esteem completely.

Also I have a new job from tomorrow on and I don’t see why I should give my weekends to something as pointless as this blog.

I won’t stop completely. I just need my distance from this blog and people I met here on tumblr that I thought of as friends but don’t care about me enough to care about what I do. 

Sorry for the rant. But I think it’s better this way. Talk to you when I feel like uploading again.

Okay mortals, let me educate you about the “Structure of the Mind according to Sigmund Freud”.
Freud’s theory of the structured mind is also called the ice berg theory…so if you wondered what that thing is I drew there…it’s an ice berg. (Really? Yes, really. I am the Nightmare King and am not supposed to draw ice bergs.)

Freud believed that behaviour and personality are shaped due to interaction with conflicting psychological forces which operate at three different levels of awareness: the conscious mind, the preconscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Yes, of course now there will be a few of you who’ll say: Freud’s theories are outdated and archaic and I agree at some points. But this man’s theories still have an influence on nowadays psychological theories, sociology, anthropology, literature and even art. Also if you ask me his basic approaches are logical and reasonable.

Freud’s theory of the subconsciousness includes the assumption that humans can’t deal with daily challenges, situations and information which leads to repression, which is a well known self-defence mechanism to not break under the pressure.

Let me try to explain this properly. Due to Freud’s theory the first instance of the mind is the Consciousness (Awake Mind). The Consciousness represents the top of the ice berg. It is visible above the surface, something we can see. The consciousness is the instance of all mental processes that we are aware of. All the included aspects are those we can think and talk about rationally.
I can give you an
example: When one’s hungry they are aware of their hunger. They can interpret the grumbling of their stomachs or the lack of energy due to inherent instincts. This means our consciousness is aware of our hunger. As soon as we know we are hungry, we can provide ourselves with food.

The next instance is the Pre-Consciousness. The preconscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is submerged below the water but is still visible. It’s the part of our mind that represents ordinary memory. We are not consciously aware of this information at the given time but we can recall it with some effort. This means we can retrieve it and pull it back into our consciousness when needed.
example for this is easy. When learning to ride a bike it includes learning how to break. Since we’re not always riding a bike it represents an information we don’t need at all times and gets shoved into the pre-consciousness. But at the given time we can recall how to ride a bike and how to break, with this the required information gets pulled back into the consciousness. Another example would be a conversation in which one is talking to another person and this person mentions something that causes our memory to stir and remember certain situations and incidents.

This brings us to the Unconsciousness (Asleep mind). The unconscious mind represents the bulk of the ice berg that lies unseen beneath the waterline.
It’s a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, desires, urges and memories that are out of our conscious awareness. Most of these contents are unacceptable and unpleasant, which is why humans tend to suppress the feelings like pain, anxiety, conflict, pressure and from the society unaccepted wishes and fantasies. According to Freud the suppressed contents still influence our behaviour even though we are unaware of the underlying influences.

In our dreams these contents resurface. It’s an attempt of our psych to bring said content into our pre-consciousness where we can come to terms with our fear and discomfort. It’s an attempt of our psych to solve the inner conflicts. This means the preconscious mind and the unconscious mind are ‘fighting’ against each other. While the preconscious mind tries to solve the issue the unconscious mind tries to keep the conflict hidden and unsolved because it would mean to face our fears and problems.

Nightmares are a sign of inner conflicts and fears and are an attempt to process the content that bothers us and derogate our everyday life. (Also they are a way to show us what we are afraid of. Without a certain fear humans wouldn’t be able to survive. If we were fearless we wouldn’t be aware of the dangers the world confronts us with. We would be dead before we knew it. Let’s explain this with the example of fire and heat: We wouldn’t be afraid of getting burned, with this we would touch a hot stove top or we would dare to hold our hands into open flames. Fear is a self-defence mechanism to keep us alive.)

However. I personally just enjoy making all of you miserable and suffer. There is nothing sweeter than the voice of screaming children and the fear on their face when they wake up. It’s like a feast for the senses. Your suffering is my joy.

Finally…three years of acadamy training…not wasted. Psychology class was the best…<3 I am sorry if it’s a bad explanation…I can’t explain stuff. 
And sorry to say this but I love this. I loved my idea. That’s all.

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This pretty much sums it up.

Reblogging from my Writer&#8217;s blog for Munday. I am currently working on the next update since two days, it&#8217;s going to be rather complex so sorry for the wait.


This pretty much sums it up.

Reblogging from my Writer’s blog for Munday.

I am currently working on the next update since two days, it’s going to be rather complex so sorry for the wait.

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Anonymous asked: *le gasp* update on your Pitch blog!!!!!!!! OMG!!! It's so amazing and don't you dare say anything else, sweetie!!! I just love how when you put the wig on, the whole Pitch persona just falls upon you. This makes me really happy, you have no idea. You did so well, sweetie *hugs*

I love you.

And I highly respect them for it. Admittedly, dressing as me isn’t easy for a human beinh. Not everyone’s born with this natural beauty. And after they are done with whatever they are doing when they walk around as me they have to get the make-up off their skin and out of their hair and don’t forget the cleaning. Hah, good that I was born the way I am.

I don’t know many people on tumblr, because I am rather inactive on most of my blogs lately, but I want you to appreciate the great Pitch costumes I’ve seen so far. I can only learn from their greatness. (People who should actually run this bog.)


And seriously, the cleaning is the worst.

I have no clue what you are talking about. I’ve never been married neither am I cheating on anyone. (Because to cheat on someone you have to be in a comitted relationship and I surely never agreed on that part.) I still wonder where this ring was coming from.

Filmed by: Alfred
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Just for the record: At the first attempt the MUN got slapped for real

It was hilarious.

What I’d do? Jump in and keep him from getting weird things up his ass. (How does this even work with a rabbit? The pure imagination makes me shudder.)

Bunny (let’s prentend): Alfred
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Anonymous asked: How are you now? Did you recover well from the operation?

I am doing okay so far. The surgery was about 7, almost 8 weeks ago but I am still walking with cruthes because I am in pain. Last thursday my ankle was so swollen at night that I had to take off my shoe when walking home from the train station xD Every now and then I need painkillers. Next week I have an appointment in the hospital and they’ll tell me when I can finally throw the crutches away and run over meadows again xD

Yeah…so I am doing pretty much okay, thank you for your concern! :3

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Anonymous asked: Tell us five random facts about you, please!

1. I can reach  my nose with my tongue
2. I hold grudges. For a long, long time.
3. I made a hat and shoes out of (real) leaves.
4. I need glasses.
5. I made my own Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) out of massive wood.