I’m going on Hiatus for about two weeks. I’ll be really busy…also; please give me some time to think. I am not sure anymore if there is still a place left for me in the (shrinking) ROTG-Fandom. I feel like Pitch isn’t needed anymore.

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Being stuck in puberty must be confusing. So much sexual interaction with different people…not bad. (I volunteer.)

Bunnymund/Jackson: Miundy-foxy
Hiccup: A lovely fishbone
(Black Ice)Jack: Frostysnowcone
Jack Frost: LeandraCerai
(No ship gets discriminated here, I guess…?)

Anonymous asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *throws confetti*

OMFG Who are you and how didyou know??!
…but thank you a lot >//< *baths in confetti*
Here, have a piece of the (zelda) cake my friends made for me! :3


How can you expect me to lend a helping hand?

Because it’s munday let’s add a gif of the mun as Pitch enjoying that cake (outtake, actually…I was alone at home and music was playing so don’t judge me, okay?)

It’s munday, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

What the hell is a bitch cake omg it was too confusing.


OMFG ewa&lt;hszetnh Holy Brownie!

I can&#8217;t even tell how happy this made me.


OMFG ewa<hszetnh Holy Brownie!

I can’t even tell how happy this made me.

Sure, I know every single one of them. Every. Single. One.

(…I didn’t dare to film myself as one of those historic people. Forgive me. I had to. I understand if I lose all my followers now. And sorry, I am one of those people who can only use paint.)

piper-sylph asked: (For the mun) So when you started doing cosplay with your friends and such, were you nervous at first? Was it awkward? Was it hard to stay in character or easy?

When I started cosplaying I was the only one of my friends doing it. They knew about the stuff and didn’t think it was weird and me neither. I had fun doing it! My first real cosplay was Gaara Sabakuno (Naruto) and it was a little hard for me to stay in character. On Conventions around my friends I always was me…but as soon as someone yelled GAARA! I immediately was in character, staring at everyone with a grumpy expression…so, sometimes it’s hard to stay in Character, because if you meet new people it’s always very exciting. I try to keep the character up, though, since they talk to me because of that after all. And when the conversation travels away from the cosplay I am just myself…I hope I answered the answer was satisfying? I am sorry, I am terrible at explaining things!

Munday. Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, Japan. 

If you want to ask the Mun anything, feel free to do so!

Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, Japan.

If you want to ask the Mun anything, feel free to do so!

…okay, let’s just say I prefer myself without eyebrows.

Anonymous asked: Here's hoping that you have a wonderful day and here;s your cookie *gives you cookie*

*o* Thank you so much!
My day wasn’t so wonderful but you definitely made the evening muuuuch better! :3 
And now let’s get to this cookie…!